Resolving the Current Crisis

American Medicines Company is a For Public Benefit company, bringing online critical manufacturing infrastructure to re-establish generic OSD production within the United States, exclusively supplying the U.S. market, targeting:

  • A portfolio of OSD generics including 18 of the top 40 drug molecules prescribed in the U.S. and on the Department of Veterans Affairs drug formulary list.
    Total production volumes targeted to reach 10 billion units within the first 4 years, or approximately 20% of the U.S. demand for critical treatments of chronic health conditions within the U.S. population.
  • Additional surge capacity maintained to support the National Strategic Stockpile.
  • Innovation in generics manufacturing, employing our continuous manufacturing concepts, with at-line/ in-line analytical testing and automation features developed by technical thought leaders with many decades of practical experience designing, validating and managing production processes, equipment trains and shop floor operations.
  • Parallel development and advancement in streamlined packaging operations and deployment of 3-D printing technologies.

As a For Public Benefit Company, our interest is in assuring strategic supply of critically needed medicines the American public relies on each day.

  • We will follow transparent practices showing exactly where are products are made.
  • We will follow the highest quality standards and ensure transparency of product quality
  • Our pricing will be transparent and pursue an ethical profit

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